My Services

Content Writing:

I will produce creative and engaging, reader focused posts and articles for your blog or website. I always write with SEO always in mind to grab readers for your content. I will complete all work set in an efficient and timely manner.

I will:

  • Include a variety of blog post styles with each project.
  • Write every piece with a focus on SEO content to encourage more traffic on your blog or website
  • Re-Write and edit existing articles that need touch ups.
  • Research and fact check all included topics, statistics and professional accounts included in the post.

Blog styles I will use:

  • List Posts
  • How to Guides
  • Round Ups (perfect for boosting SEO)
  • Personal Stories
  • Case Studies
  • Interviews – Must be provided by client
  • Check List Posts

All post styles will be organised into a Content Calendar which I will send you in order to diversify your posts and keep the content fresh and appealing to your audience bringing readers back time after time.


I will Proofread and Copyedit your project. Examples of projects I work on are Books and eBooks both Fiction and Non-Fiction, Documents, Emails, Presentations, Blog Posts and Articles as well as smaller Re-Writes should it be required in English with the aim of streamlining your content.

I will:

  • Check Spelling
  • Check Grammar
  • Check Punctuation
  • Check for Syntax errors
  • Copyedit for better flow and voice

I Accept:

  • Word Documents
  • PDF Documents